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bullet-proof-fire-away asked: Hello 😄 I was just wondering where is a good place to shop for indie fashion because I love that fashion so much but unsure where to shop 😊

I find the markets the best place to find cute indie stuff, I get a lot of my accessories from Glebe Markets in Sydney, but if you’re not from around the Sydney area, jump online to; often has some cool finds too.

Indie Fashion Pixie xx

yourlifein3lines asked: Hi! We started a new blog recently with the concept of having people sum up their lives in three sentences, and an additional sentence to give any advice or life lessons learned along the way. Everyone has a story, no matter how old or where they are in life. It seems like you have a unique outlook so if you have time, you should submit your own story or check us out sometime and see all the other stories out there.

Sure thing :)

Co-writing for Flawless Make Up!

Hello, hello!

I’ve been a little absent as of late but slowly things are starting to settle themselves down. I’ve been focusing a lot on my novel and I’ve also taken on a new project, helping the amazing blog get off their feet!

Who’s thinking what I’m thinking? Make up tutorials anyone? Me too, you guys have great thoughts. Pop any make up tutorial suggestions in my inbox I’ll be sure to pass them on AND if any of you local followers would like to be in one of our tutorials, slap another message in my inbox and I’ll work my magic!

Indie Fashion Pixie


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